Welcome to LEXI

Where Leaders Engage to eXchange Ideas!

March 25-26, 2017

Our Spring 2017 Retreat will take place at Sleeping Lady Resort in gorgeous Leavenworth, Washington


This is your chance to connect with other female leaders to learn, teach, grow, challenge, cheer each other on and create space to make lasting changes in your life, work and relationships. There's no judgment at LEXI - just support, love and encouragement from women in both similar and different situations. Oh, and did we mention there's a spa? And the most delicious gourmet food? And a hot tub nestled amongst the mountains? Yep, there's that, too.


Join us. You will be changed.




The mission of LEXI is to Connect, Equip and Mentor women at all professional and life stages. LEXI is a weekend retreat devoted to the development of women's Leadership Skills, Goals and Dreams.  

It is an Energizing, Honest and Safe place to learn, grow and set a vision for business and for life.

The noted speakers have been selected for their willingness to be honest and vulnerable. They will engage you, challenge you and inspire you!




  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership 
  • Overcoming Overwhelm 
  • Values Based Decision Making
  • Managing Teams More Effectively
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Greatness in the Midst of Adversity
  • Communication
  • How to Get Results Graciously
  • DISC Behavior and Motivator Analysis ($155 Value)
  • Goal Setting & Follow Through
  • Nutrition, Rest and Productivity
  • Time Management
  • Clarity on What Matters Most
  • Empowering Each Other
  •  Creative, Professional Headshot by MKC Photo ($125 Value)



Who should attend?

LEXI was designed to serve women at all stages of their careers - or any phase of transformation and change.  

LEXI can be a great development opportunity, an enlightening weekend of learning or the beginning point for initiating change.  

Women can attend by themselves - as they will quickly meet other fabulous entrepreneurs, leaders, thinkers and accomplished human beings.  Or companies can send teams or groups of women with specific goals in mind.



Registration includes gourmet meals in the Kingfisher Lodge, Saturday overnight hotel stay (double occupancy), swag, access to amazing speakers, teachers and life-changing tools! 

Register today! We're saving your seat!